In the beginning

Chris and Zoe met while both working at Ratchet, a web development company in downtown Minneapolis. At first it seemed like everyone at Ratchet knew they were perfect for each other, except for Chris and Zoe. It took a while for either of them to figure it out, but as soon as they did, they were instantly inseparable.

They started dating in the fall of 2008, and continued to work together. Zoe was at first wary of dating someone she worked with, but it became clear in no time that that apprehension had been unfounded. Luckily Ratchet didn't see anything wrong with two of their developers dating.

Home is where the kitties are

After an amazing nine months of dating which included trips to Chicago and the North Shore and many camping outings, the couple decided to move in together. They found their first apartment on Lyndale Avenue, 10 minutes south of Uptown. They spent a year on Lyndale, enduring drafty windows, resident bats, freezing and scorching temperatures, and an extremely steep driveway.

Chris had been thinking about buying a house, and in 2010 they decided they had had enough of renting (and bats) and started the search for a more permanent home. After frustrating negotiations on their favorite house, they finally prevailed and moved into a beautiful story-and-a-half home near Lake Nokomis in South Minneapolis, with their two kitties, Aoife and Finnegan.

Good things come to those who wait

In 2011 the couple traveled to Ireland for a week-long vacation with Zoe's friend Katy. Zoe had inklings of a proposal on the horizon, but had to settle for an unforgettable journey through the rural Irish countryside and many pints of Guiness, instead.

After another six months of happy times with their friends, families and kitties, and more vacations and adventures, Chris planned a snowboarding trip with a couple friends. The day before his trip was a gorgeous, warm day in a freakishly early spring in March. He and Zoe went to Minnehaha Falls for their weekly date night and watched the sunset in the park. Afterwards they drove along Minnehaha creek to dinner at one of their favorite places, Broder's Pasta Bar.

It was at the restaurant that Zoe told Chris she would have been suspicious of a proposal had he not been leaving the state the next day. Chris agreed; that would just be mean.

After dinner the couple arrived home and went to change into their pajamas. To Zoe's complete surprise, Chris had asked some friends to come to the house while the couple was gone and fill the bedroom with candles and flowers. Chris got down on one knee and asked Zoe the question she had been waiting to hear, to which she gave the reply she had been dying to give.

The shocks didn't end there! Chris had planned a surprise getaway for he and Zoe to San Fransisco! His whole snowboarding trip had been a careful and well-executed ruse. They left the next day and spent five bliss-filled days soaking up the fun (and the rain) of San Fran.

The couple still work together and sometimes wonder how they haven't gotten sick of each other. They are loving building their home together and planning for the day they start the next chapter of their lives with one another.

TL;DR - two developers fell in love, they're total cat people and they just can't wait to get married!

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