The Wedding Party:


Theo Park

Theo is long-time family friend of the bride and her parents.

Bride's Parents

Kathryn Ripke & Jay Peterson

Bride's Party

  • Breezy Tushaus

    Brianne Tushaus Maid of Honor

    How they met: Playing first and second chair violin in orchestra in high school, winning multiple trophies.

  • Katy Smith

    Kathleen Smith Bridesmaid

    How they met: In college where they shared a love of design, video games and laser tag.

  • Ari O'Connell

    Arianna O'Connell Bridesmaid

    How they met: Through mutual friends, and probably while both listening to Britney Spears.

  • Laura Gibson

    Laura Gibson Bridesmaid

    How they met: At Ratchet where they both worked, helping create

  • Shannon Engel

    Shannon Engel Personal Attendant

    How they met: Through Chris' long-time friend Dan. They are now regular yoga and bootcamp buddies.

  • Sophie Belchak

    Sophie Belchak Flower Girl

    How they met: Adorable daughter of the couples' friends Scott and Kami Belchak.

Groom's Parents

Sue Hammes-Knopf & Neil Knopf

Groom's Party

  • Adam Harrington

    Adam Harrington Best Man

    How they met: On the second day of 5th grade after moving to a new school. Adam was the groom's first friend in Northfield.

  • Dan Westlund

    Daniel Westlund Groomsman

    How they met: Later that same day, walking home from school. His boots made an interesting first impression.

  • Greg Bestland

    Gregory Bestland Groomsman

    How they met: In high school, becomming friends through LAN parties. Greg had awesome blue hair.

  • Ken Walls

    Kenneth Walls Groomsman

    How they met: In high school through mutual friends. Even while recovering from multiple surgeries, Ken was always willing to host LAN parties.

  • Tim Holubiw

    Timothy Holubiw Groomsman

    How they met: Online, playing competitive Counter-Strike. Top Banana stays in shape.

  • Joel Johnson

    Joel Johnson Personal Attendant

    How they met: Through Dan in high school, the groom still feels remorse for running into Joel's garage with his parents' van, the Eggmobile.


  • Daniel McLaurin

    Daniel McLaurin

    How they met: On the playgrounds of Bryn Mawr at age 10 when Dan moved into the bride's childhood neighborhood.

  • Jacob Skovbroten

    Jacob Skovbroten

    How they met: As babies, born only months apart, Jake is the first cousin of the bride.


  • Andrew Christensen

    Andrew Christensen

    How they met: Also through computer games and LAN parties during high school.

  • Brendan Cleary

    Brendan Cleary

    How they met: While playing Counter-Strike on their college's campus hosted server, which lead to rooming together the following semester. (Noticing a trend?)

A huge shout out to everyone who has helped and encouraged us through this journey! Thank you, thank you, thank you.